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Installed by you or a building contractor

A complete kit with all the main components you need. Solar panels, racks, inverters, mounting DC and AC electrical, building plans, installation manual and more.

"What is included in a solar electric system kit?"

Custom design from Solar Mike
- An engineered package
- Solar Panels
- Mounting racks
- Inverter power center
- DC and AC electrical parts
- Delivery to your house or job site
- Installation Manual
- Solar schematic, permit ready
- Technical support from Solar Mike and industry veterans.


Solar electric system ready to install

from 1 kW to 100 kW

Whatever size you need.

Rotkin McCaul residence, Santa Cruz, CA

10 kW

This large residential solar electric system was installed by the homeowner, some friends, and an electrical contractor.

Borovatz residence, Santa Cruz, CA

3.50 kW

Retired teacher J. Borovatz had her electrical contractor install this solar electric system on her home, as part of a remodel.