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Solar Energy Products

Solar Mike sells a line of high quality solar products from leading manufacturers. He is a registered dealer with Americas top solar distributors, including AEE Solar, Conergy, Solar Depot and Sunwize. All products carry manufacturers warranties. Here is a selection of our products.

Solar Electric Products


Sanyo solar panels

210 to 215 watts DC

These solar panels are among the highest efficiency solar panels available - 30 to 40% more efficient than most other panels.




Install it yourself kits

2 kW to 50 kW

Everything you need for a complete installation, that can do yourself or have your contractor install.




12 Volt DC Solar panels

Duralite is the Top Model

Charge your 12 Volt car battery with this lightweight, unbreakable solar panel. 20 watts of power.


Solar Water Heating Products


ProgressivTube TM Solar Collectors

40 gallon

These extremely reliable solar water heaters come with a 10 year warranty. For use in mild and temperate climates, such as the California coast. Not for use in climates with snow or significant freezing weather conditions.



Thermosyphon Water Heater from eZinc

Range of sizes

This exciting new product in the US market has a well-established history in Europe and the Mideast. Stainless steel tank and tech-welded solar collector. Long life and high performance.


Solar Ovens


Sun Oven

On Sale Now $279.00 US

This is my all-time favorite solar ovens. Average temperatures reach 350 F. Cook year-round wth this solar oven.


Solar Training Curriculum


High school and college curriculum

NABCEP curriculum

Award winning energy conservation curriculum, and teaching to NABCEP standards.